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EF Difference

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On-Time Delivery

According to our Flooring Contractors across the country, Engineered Floors has greatly out-performed the competition when it comes to delivering our products on time.

We never want to hold up your construction schedule or force your buyer to select another product due to a back order. We are very proud of our exceptional service.

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Eliminate Customer Call Backs or Warranty Issues

Our products are engineered to be problem free for Home Builders and their Home Buyers.

Our PureColor® carpet is solution dyed, which eliminates the major product issues that arise with our competitor’s topically dyed or piece dyed products like streaking or side to side shading. We have no visible dye lot variation in our product. A roll made today will match a roll made in the future.

Engineered Floors Green Story

Green, Sustainable Manufacturing

Our PureColor® fiber manufacturing process uses 87% less water, 30% less energy, and emits 42% less greenhouse gases than traditional carpet manufacturing.

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Dwellings Video

Click the link below to learn more by watching our Dwellings brand video!

Dwellings video